Andrea Henry

I am a Cambridge-educated lawyer with more than a decade of experience working with businesses of all sizes and at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. 

When I started my firm, I had $1000, three clients and A LOT of hustle – growing my business to 6-figures in under a year.

This is the type of success I want for my clients.

As an entrepreneur, you move the world forward at great cost and risk to yourself. The truth is that 80% of entrepreneurs are just one misstep away from going broke. I see too many women taking unnecessary risks with the one thing that is supposed to give them the freedom they desire - their business! 
Henry Brooks LLP exists to mitigate that risk, giving business owners the freedom and peace of mind to flourish and grow.
When I’m not helping clients, researching business and tax law (yes, I really love it!) or speaking at events, you can find me snuggling with my three little kiddies or enjoying a glass of my favourite Riesling.


Clockwork by Michael M. for systems and The Big Leap by Gaye Hendricks for mindset. (Margaret Atwood for recreation!)


 I recommend visiting Barbados (of course) and can’t wait to travel to Bali someday soon. 


If you don’t have a team to rely on yet, network until you find a business bestie - a friend who is also a business owner and whose judgment you trust. You can each be on call for each other’s business on an emergency basis if one of you goes away or gets injured/sick.




Partner, Business Law 

Irena Brooks

I am an American-trained lawyer who decided to return home to Toronto in 2014 to commence my Canadian legal career to advocate and serve my community. 

In 2018, I stepped out on faith after contract after contract and decided to launch my solo practice. During my first month of operations, I made $500.00 and though one may have decided to call it quits, I remained resilient until I attained 6-figures in 2019.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I honed on this natural skill and have since worked hard to close transaction after transaction for my clients, advise my clientele on the importance of generational wealth, and continue to assist women in protecting their most expensive assets.

Henry Brooks LLP practices what it preaches, the partners of the firm own both residential and commercial property, and exist to assist other women to purchase real estate assets both locally and worldwide to build generational wealth.

When not attending to client matters, I enjoy cooking, spending device-free time with my baby girl, traveling around the world, and indulging in luxurious experiences. 


My signature dish is escoveitch fish and fried festival and I get reservations at Byblos or The Good Son for business entertaining. 


I’m listening to Hello Seven Club for business and Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts for fun.

Real Estate Tip

Don’t think it’s impossible to get into the GTA market in these crazy times, it is very possible to enter the GTA market. Now is the time to think outside the box and team up with others to own a piece of valuable GTA property! ;)



Partner, Real Estate

Samantha Machado

Samantha is a shark diving, bungee-jumping, thrill-seeking animal lover who opts for Halloween as her holiday of choice. This horror cinephile and enthusiastic foodie enjoys quality time with friends, family, and a challenging jigsaw puzzle.

Her role: Samantha is our associate lawyer dedicated to making your real estate journey as simple and stress-free as possible, while always prioritizing the client's needs.

Associate - Real Estate

We harness the law to help you build
wealth with confidence. 


You should know that our firm is mostly virtual and embraces technology to provide awesome service at accessible prices. This means that most, if not all, of our meetings will take place virtually, and we use accessible, user-friendly technology to guide you through the process. If you hate using the internet or like long meetings in stuffy boardrooms where you’re told all the stuff you can’t do and are charged an arm, a leg and a kidney for the privilege, we’re not the firm for you.