than you thought possible.


Become a Six-Figure Generating Solo or 
Small Firm Owner in 12 months while working 
fewer hours

than you thought possible.


Become a Six-Figure Generating Solo or  Small Firm Owner in 12 months while working fewer hours

You're a lawyer!
Now what??

Only working for yourself because employment opportunities aren’t great but you have no idea how to run a business?
keep up with regulatory requirements?

struggling to attract high-quality clients when everyone’s advice is to take the scraps from more senior lawyers?

Getting clients but working ALL the hours with horrible work-life balance?

Living in fear of an LSO audit because you’re so busy you can’t keep up with regulatory requirements?

Are you:

If you are a lawyer with a new/newish private practice or a slow practice which is not flourishing in the way you had anticipated, we’d bet a lot of money that you answered YES to at least one of those questions.

Now 7-figure entrepreneurs who work 4-day weeks with lots of time for vacations, the trajectory of our lives and the lives of our children has been forever changed by successful entrepreneurship.

We are Irena Brooks and Andrea Henry, founding partners at Henry Brooks LLP and we know what it’s like to struggle to find anything other than underpaid, struggle-bus positions, devoid of any work-life balance.

We know what it’s like to open a practice with no money, no connections and no Canadian law degree (with a few kids to support!).

We dove into entrepreneurship despite the obvious risks and developed networks, systems and niches which got us both to six-figures in our first year as solopreneurs.
Doubling our revenue for years in a row, we eventually partnered and became the first black women lawyers in partnership to own their own offices in the GTA.

And now we want to share our knowledge, our systems  our network and even our office with you!

This is what I’ve been looking for

What's the Incubator?

We share not only the softer skills and tactics that have brought 7-figures but you will have access to our vault of templates, scripts and operation manuals.

Organised in an interactive, group coaching format, we will collaboratively work through a laser focused curriculum. You will learn how to develop a practice that supports the life YOU want to live.

All that, plus access to our office for a business address and office and boardroom space as well as the opportunity for referrals.

Most coaching programs for lawyers focus on helping you progress through a larger firm or they focus entirely on building a book of business.

The Incubator is unique-
We show you how to make the money you             
AND have the work-life balance you             

The Incubator is unique-
We show you how to make the money you             
AND have the work-life balance you             



A carefully designed program that yields results, fast. 

The Incubator prides itself in supporting your law firm 
development journey with two trusted allies who will give you  support, accountability and a judgement-free zone to vent and  receive advice about your roadblocks and challenges.

Yanique Russell

Immigration Lawyer 

One hour into my VIP Day with Andrea, I felt like I got my money’s worth. 

I learned so much about systems and ways to automate and save time. Best of all, I came away with concrete paths to lead me to the business I wanted to run and the life I wanted to live. 

You’re willing to invest one year and 5-figures to create a practice that gives you financial and time freedom

If you’d like more details about the program and exactly what you’ll be learning & implementing , apply now and we’ll send you all the fine print including cost, time commitment and program modules.

The Incubator is for you if:


You’re currently a resident of Ontario



You should know that our firm is mostly virtual and embraces technology to provide awesome service at accessible prices. This means that most, if not all, of our meetings will take place virtually, and we use accessible, user-friendly technology to guide you through the process. If you hate using the internet or like long meetings in stuffy boardrooms where you’re told all the stuff you can’t do and are charged an arm, a leg and a kidney for the privilege, we’re not the firm for you.