Real Estate

We strive to provide our clients with seamless, smooth, stress-free transactions. Though they may not always end up this way, we pride ourselves in taking a personalized approach to provide you with outstanding service and to ensure we walk you through every step of the transaction. 


How we can help

Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate

Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate

Review of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Residential and Commercial Mortgage transactions

Residential Leases

Power of Sale

Title Transfers

Private Mortgages

Assignment of an Agreement

Pre-Construction Agreements

Purchase and Sale of Vacant Land

Drafting of trust agreements

Construction Mortgages

Pre-Construction Contract Reviews

Status Certificate Reviews

Mortgage and refinance transactions

Review of Assignment Agreements

Registeing, Interpreting, enforcing and defending Property Easements

Negotiating Loan Agreements and Acting in relation to Lending and Borrowing

Drafting, negotiating, reviewing and assisting on commercial leases

Private Lending (Borrower and Lender Representation)

Title Remedies

Obtaining Road Access

Co-ownership and Investor Agreements 

Builder Representation for new build closings



You should know that our firm is mostly virtual and embraces technology to provide awesome service at accessible prices. This means that most, if not all, of our meetings will take place virtually, and we use accessible, user-friendly technology to guide you through the process. If you hate using the internet or like long meetings in stuffy boardrooms where you’re told all the stuff you can’t do and are charged an arm, a leg and a kidney for the privilege, we’re not the firm for you.